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Investment opportunities in brewery construction

One investment opportunity is in the construction of brewery and the production of non-alcoholic beers. Avina Technology Group can provide you with the technical know-how of building a complete brewery with the highest technology existing in the world. The cost of building the plant and that of your beverage product, your business plan and the estimated machinery and equipment required, and, most importantly, the initial capital and working capital are specified in detail.

investment opportunitty

Our consultancy in this step involves introducing the brewing industry so that a clear picture of the whole process and the required machinery and the estimated cost is drawn. After deciding about building the brewery, the investor specifies the initial capital, production capacity, and technology used. Avina Technology Group will accompany the investor in designing, planning, purchasing the filling and packaging machinery and process equipment, installing and commissioning the non-alcoholic beer production line, and reaching international quality and standard.


 In the following, we will familiarize you with the complexities of non-alcoholic beer so that you can make a better decision for investment in the brewing industry.

First, we will review the statistics of German breweries.

The best breweries: German plants are among the best breweries in the world. All the production of non-alcoholic beer in 2017 amounted to 6.2 hectoliters, which was more than 6 percent of total beer production in Germany. Currently, there are about 1200 large and small breweries in Germany. Non-alcoholic beer lovers can choose from 400 different brands. The different types of non-alcoholic beer, such as Pilsner, wheat beer, lemon beer, and regional types such as Weißbier Kölsch or Alt, show how diversely this product can be produced. All age groups can enjoy non-alcoholic beers of different tastes and benefit from the contained vitamins.

انواع نوشیدنی مالت

Quenching thirst with this isotonic drink is especially among athletes. We mention these points to give you a better understanding of this miraculous product. According to statistics, malt and beer production companies are always among the five most prominent industries in the world. Have you ever paid attention to professional-level soccer games? One of the main sponsors at important sport competitions in the world is always a beer or beverage company. Hence, there are many things to learn for investment in this industry.


Brewing challenges If you intend to produce beer and have a unique drink by bringing your capital to the construction of a brewery, we will tell you about the difficulties and problems so that you have an understanding of those as well.

The first ingredients of non-alcoholic beer that determine its taste are the malting barley and the malt.

Brewing involves some very important points, one of which is the amount of oxygen in the final product. Controlling this amount during production and preventing excess oxygen from entering your product is very difficult and requires a special production process. To prevent oxygen from entering the product during production, there are various solutions. However, these solutions require up-to-date technology and knowledge of this field.

 Brewing challenges

Our goal is to build for you a beverage production plant that will place you at the top of producers and enable you to export your product to other countries.

We can arrange and engineer your syrup room and supply the required machinery and equipment so that your final product has the same quality as European counterparts. We will also make you familiar with the recipes.

Seize the opportunity of having us by your side in brewery construction, and contact our experts if you intend to invest in this industry or be informed of other important points.

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