Quality and standard in machinery, process, final products, and services

Quality in the process and beverage product

For each product, we can offer you various solutions according to our knowledge of European companies. This knowledge will accelerate your progress. We know which company has what degree of quality and standard in their machinery and process equipment. Moreover, we design and install all the vessels and equipment required for the production line processes considering the standards. The result is a drink with the highest quality.

Here is our permanent goal: Providing the most up-to-date technology according to the needs of every individual customer.

Recognized standards and certifications in the beverage and dairy industries.

Since Avina Technology Group has long collaborated with TUM Weihenstephan Campus, it can obtain certificates and licenses required for your beverage plant faster and more easily and can provide such services from recognized certifying authorities and universities in Germany and other standards institutes. Due to their thorough knowledge of beverage standards, the experts at Avina Group can respond to your needs with specific consulting.For instance, we can name the University of Munich standards  (Weihenstephan standard), which are highly recognized.

  • -The Weihenstephan standards in the beverage and packaging industries
  • -The Weihenstephan standards are for the brewhouse processes or syrup rooms used for other beverages.

استانداردهای دانشگاه مونیخ

Avina Technology Group considers the environmental standards and the beverage product quality standards for all its services

گواهینامه ها و استانداردها

Avina Technology Group begins developing and implementing product quality and quality management system standards early on. Transparent structures and organized workflows guarantee the results and improve our processes, products, and services. In our view, these are the main advantages for achieving customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction, staff competence, and continuous improvement in our consulatation have the most important places in our organization.