About Avina Agriculture Group:

Avina Technology Group has more than 25 years of professional experience in the beverage industry. Our experienced expert team participated in the construction and commissioning of many several plants including their installation around the world in countries such as Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland, Russia, and today by the Middle East countries such as Turkey, Iran, U.A.E, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Due to the expertise and knowledge with training opportunities of our managers in Germany by the modern breweries & malting plants as masters in the beverage industry, so today in middle east countries our management team by Avina technology company are able to support at all levels to make the best choice for our customers.

Moreover, we have sufficient knowledge of various processes in producing of each different type of beverages with the expertise of the sensitivities and challenges involved in the processing of the beverages or even by the filling and packaging lines, therefore we give you the best option of your future in your hand with the guarantee to success as our customer in this industry.

Today, we cooperate with some of the best European suppliers and manufacturers as their representatives in the Middle East, the companies like Kasper Schulz GmbH for brewery processing and malting technology from Germany, SMI-Enoberg for filling technology and packaging from Italy, Breun Saatzucht GmbH for two-row brewing barley and malt from Germany, and other European suppliers for raw materials, filtration, cleaning technology, KEG containers, spare parts, etc. …

Avina Technology management team, we enable you as your consultant and technology expert to make the best decision, as well as in terms of economic efficiency or even to the choice of the most modern process technology in your country for your beverage production plant, that you would otherwise need years of experience in this industry.

We would like to remind you that our major goal is to transfer sufficient knowledge to beverage producers. Consequently, we have decided to provide all our knowledge and experience to beverage producers and familiarize them with all specifications and international standards in this industry for the best possible product that bears your name and secures your future.

Finally, we are going to be a part of this success in your region.

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