Research and Development in the Beverage Industry

A major capability of Avina Technology Group is research and development in the beverage industry for creating new products with better technology, innovation, and quality; increasing stability in the beverage product; optimizing the production lines; and saving energy and costs.

Research and Development

  Nowadays, we are witnessing beverages with new flavors and packaging in the global market and beverages that have rapidly gained popularity and made large profits for their brand owners. Avina technical experts offer innovative solutions for all beverages that you have in mind or products that you already produce but the quality of which you need to improve or the production process of which you need to optimize. We continuously search for new technological and innovative solutions and develop technical equipment and solutions for updating technology in your plant and optimizing and increasing the capacity of beverage production lines.

The focus in Avina Technology Group is on one thing: providing the best technological solutions for producing high-quality and healthy beverages.

Recognize the opportunities in the beverage industry.

Laboratory research and development:

Avina engineers are experts on the process of producing beverages, especially non-alcoholic beers, since they have experienced producing these products in a renowned laboratory (University of Munich) and can provide you with the highest product quality in the beverage industry with their access to other universities and laboratories. These capabilities and facilities enable us to conduct the full range of experiments and the development of new processes so that the product has the best performance upon entering the market.

Process research and development:

Nowadays, research and development in production for obtaining optimized recipe are very important for customers, who are producers of beverages. Avina experts design the production process and present it using Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) and Process Flow Diagram (PFD), in which they show the required equipment and machinery along their with specifications and details. Then, the necessary equipment and machinery required for producing a new product are identified and selected in our Design and Engineering Department. The next step is to identify the technology level at the customer’s plant. If new machinery is required in the production process, appropriate solutions are provided by our experts for the new product that the customer has decided to produce.

Development of recipes:

Provision and editing of recipes:

You might have a beverage in mind or already produce products the quality of which you feel you should improve or the recipe of which you need to optimize and revise. By working with the Avina group, you can achieve your desired product quality because we will use our resources to conduct comprehensive research for you. All you need to produce a high-quality beverage is a suitable recipe!

Moreover, we have conducted thorough research into alternative ingredients, which also you can use.

All the research and development services of Avina Technology Group are defined as a package and in the form of a contract according to your requirements and requests. First, your need is identified by Avina engineers via a Request for Information (RFI). Then, a proposal suiting your needs is written and sent to you. Contact us and inform us of your need.