Brewhouse, Syrup room, and Process Equipment

Teamwork, from the beginning:

With its unique expertise, Avina Technology Group is familiar with all the complexities of the brewhouse and syrup room and the process equipment for all types of beverages. Moreover, we are on your side for optimizing your plant or planning and implementing an integrated and customized solution for the process sections and the equipment in the brewhouse or syrup room. We support all the beverage process, including designing and locating, purchasing machinery and process equipment, and finally producing a unique product, and provide you with all these services.

The sections in the process equipment for the production process that you can request from us are as follows:

-Dosing system


Pasteurization of beverages is used to increase the safety and shelf life of the product in the process section.

Specializes in a variety of filtration systems

In the field of particle separation and purification of beverages, we have several options used. Sometimes we need to separate the protein particles in the product and sometimes we want the lord (suspended particles) in the product that causes turbidity. which is different for each beverage product and the appropriate filtration technology of that product should be considered. (Because there are different types of filtration methods, if the appropriate filtration system is not selected for your product, it will end up costing you a lot of money)

Types of filtration methods:

-Cartridge filters
-Ceramic membranes or polymer membranes
-Ultra Filtering
-Reverse osmosis method
-Candle filters using diatomaceous earth


  • In beer, if we can use the fermentation system, the quality of the product and its taste will increase. However, this method has technological complexities that Avina Group is completely familiar with this method and can provide you with the technical knowledge of this very sensitive technology according to the needs of the beverage manufacturer.

We will help you with our expertise to optimize the efficiency of process lines.

Introducing one of the process equipment manufacturers according to your need.

Kasper Schulz Brewhouse in Germany is among the oldest and best manufacturers of brewery equipment and has been family-run since 1677 (for 335 years). The Kasper Schulz Brewhouse is distinguished with up-to-date technology and innovations in the brewery industry. Avina Technology Group is the exclusive representative of Kasper Schulz Brewhouse in the Middle East and tries to introduce this brewhouse to interested parties.

شربتخانه کاسپرشولدز

The observance of standards in this industry is critical for the engineers at Avina Group. We are flexible and find convincing and product-tailored solutions even for the most complicated technical operations. We build and use special systems and develop unique processes for unique products. We enjoy undertaking special challenges and overcome all your barriers by finding special solutions. Regardless of the challenge you are facing, we are eager to receive a request from you.

Now you tell us: do you need a special process or special process equipment to produce your beverage?

Ask us your questions in this regard.