Complete KHS ASEPTIC PET Filling Line with Capacity 36000bph(like new)

  • خط تولید مدرن اَسِپتیک KHS-(36000bph)
  • Complete KHS ASEPTIC PET Filling Line
  • used KHS ASEPTIC Production line

Used Complete KHS PET Filling Line with Capacity 36000bph (like new)

Offer No.: 2511


Complete KHS ASEPTIC PET Filling Line with capacity:

  • 36000bph in 200ml
  • 32000bph in 700ml
  • 30000bph in 1000ml

Product: milk, fresh Juices or fruit nectar, cacao drink, or any dairy based beverages and other sensitive non-carbonated drink in highest quality and design with neck bottle 38mm and inside coating PET bottle.

Status: in excellent condition like new with just 500 operation hours

The proposal includes:

This complete KHS Aseptic filling line has been installed, after commissioning in excellent condition like new from 2015.

Included in this line is the processing part from KHS Germany with KHS InnoPET blow molding machine and KHS InnoPET Plasmax technology for inside coating of PET bottle. In this complete line is also like new KHS linear aseptic filling machine Innosept Asbofill ASR 36  for cold filling and capping machine with the capacity of 36000 bph, and KHS labelling and KHS Innopack Shrinking with packaging system KHS InnoPAL robot palletizing system included for different size of packages in complete line,

All other equipment like: High pressure compressor, bottle inspection, all the conveyers, control system, cabling, KHS Redis system and others is already integrated in this aseptic filling line.

 Description Machines:

1- Stretch Blow moulding machine InnoPET Blomax 16S

2-Blomax Chiller

3-Blomax box tipper

4-InnopPET Plasmax 20Q

5-Air conveyor Lanfranchi

6-KHS Aseptic filling machine Innosept Asbofill ASR 36

7-KHS Fill heghit inspection Innocheck

8-Inkjet Coder VJ1620

9-Bottle Dryer

10- KHS Labling Machine 360S

11-KHS Lable ispection System

12-KHS Container Conveyor

13-Chain Lubrication

14-KHS Innpack ShrinkPacker

15-KHS Pack Conveyor

16-KHS Palletizing Innopal

17-KHS Pallet Magazine-Innopal MPH1-2

18-Pallet stretcher Robopac

19-KHS Pallet Conveyor System

20-KHS Pallet Magazine-Innopal MPH2-1

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Advantages for this production line:

  • Precise sterilization of bottles and closures with H2O2 aerosol
  • Maximum aseptic safety within a minimum amount of space thanks to the compact linear design
  • Profit in the long term from low operating costs while enjoying a high level of production reliability
  • Do away with the need for extra water during the production cycle