Complete CAN Filling Line for CSD and Beer with Capacity 28000bph

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Complete CAN Filling Line for CSD & Beer and  Energy Drink with Capacity 28,000bph

Offer No.: 4003


-Capacity: 28.000bph by 250ml & 350ml

-Products: Carbonated soft drink, Beer, Energy Drink

-Year of manufacturing: mainly 2003

Status: SOLD

Technical Data:

The proposal includes:

Capacity: up to 28,000cph

Products: Carbonated soft drink and Beer

Standard can size: 330ml + 250ml Classic (Slim & Sleek possible)

Year of manufacturing:  2003



  1. Depalletizer

Output: 30000 cans/hour

  1. Mixer

Output: 15000 l/hour

Product actual: CSD

  1. Carbonator
  1. Rinser
  1. Filler/seamer

Manufacture: Simonazzi

Model: Newcanfill 50

Year: 2003

Output: 28,000 cph

Product actual: CSD

Formats: 250& 330 Classic. (500 ml possible except for the rinser)

Seamer: Comaco AGM6/RN

  1. Can Warmer
  1. Date Coder (×2)
  2. Cans Inspector
  3. Palletizer

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