Complete KHS & Sidel Filling Line with Capacity 24000bph

  • 2512-SIG/KHS Corpoplast Blomax 14
  • 2512-Sidel tribloc Eurotronica FM
  • 2512-Foil shrinking machine Cermex

Used Complete PET Bottling Line for CSD and Water with Capacity 24,000bph by 1500ml

Offer No.: 2512


-Capacity: 24.000bph by 1,5 / 1,0 / 0,5ltr PET bottles

-Products: Carbonated soft drink, Beer, water with and without CO2

-Neck-finish: PCO 28mm – 1810

-Year of manufacturing: mainly 2007

Labeling: OPP labels from the roll by hot glue

Technical Data:

The proposal includes:

Capacity: 24.000bph by 1,5 / 1,0 / 0,5ltr PET bottles

Products: Carbonated soft drink, Beer, water with and without CO2

Neck-finish: PCO 28mm – 1810

Year of manufacturing: mainly 2007

Labelling: OPP lables from the roll by hot glue

Packaging: 2×3 by 1,5 / 1,0 / 0,5 ltr. PET bottles shrinked into foil (with handle applicator possible) Multipacks are possible if desired

Palletizing: half-pallet or Europallet with strech film

Electric: mainly Siemens S7

The line was in production until November 2020. All machines are under electric power and can be tested in a dry-run

Availabilty: immediatley



  1. Blowing machine SIG/KHS Corpoplast Blomax 14

Incl. preform bunker, feeding system

  1. Compressor

Atelier Francois high pressure compressor Type: CE6A

With pressure tank, air dryer and chiller

  1. Air conveyor

approx. 100mtr. Pneumatically adjustable


  1. Sidel tribloc Eurotronica FM

With 120 rinsing stations, 120 electr-pneumatically filling

valves and 18 head plastic scre capper with pick and place5.Mixer Falterbaum system with complete stainless steel housing around the machine with HEPA filters

Incl. cap feeding system with bunker

Incl. nitrogen dosing pump before capping (if necessary)

Incl. miho fill height control system


  1. Mixer Sidel/Simonazzi Starblend plus 2 components mixer with electrical dosing system
  1. Complete bottle conveyor system with frequency driven SEW motor

Incl. buffer table after labelling

  1. Labelling machine Sidel Alfarollquattro

Incl. bottle drying station before labeling

Incl. label control system miho and dating unit Domino

  1. Foil shrinking machine Cermex/Sidel and heating oven Printed foil is possible

2- lane infeed system

  1. Pack conveyor system Gebo/Cermex

Year of manufacturing: 2017

  1. Handle applicator project engineering

2- lane machine

  1. Palettizer König

Year of manufacturing: 2007 / reconditioned in 2017

Incl. automatic layer system

Incl. complete saftey housing

Incl. complete pallet conveyor system

Incl. Gold Pack pallet streching machine

Incl. Logopack Pallet sticker machine

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