Used Complete SIDEL&AVE PET Filling Line with Capacity 16,000bph

  • Complete sidel production line

Used Complete SIDEL&AVE PET Filling Line with Capacity 16,000bph by 500ml PET Bottles and 11,000bph by 1500 PET Bottles

Offer No: 2506


-Used Complete Line for CSD and Juice with 16000 Bottle per hours

Status: full overhaul like new

The proposal includes:

Filling line – “new condition” – for soft drinks

Capacity for filling product: soft drinks ± 16.000bph by 0,5 ltr. bottles

± 11.000bph by 1,5 ltr. bottles

Closure: plastic screw closure PCO 1810

Labeling: OPP all-around labels, cutted Packaging: 6 or 12 bottles shrinked into foil consisting.


1- Blowing machine Sidel type SBO 14 Four

  • Year of manufacturing: 2002
  • neck type: PCO 1810 incl. preform feeding system without preform cooling very good condition
  • Preform cooling system new
  • New moulds for 1,5 ltr. PET bottle
  • Partly reconditioning of the complete blowing machine from a special service technician

2- Compressor

High-pressure compressor Atelier Francois type L5 XS / new machine

3- Air transport system Krones Type: AirCo

4- PET Tribloc AVE / O + H / Alcoa 60 / 80 / 14

– with 60 rinsing stations, 80 filling valves and 14-head screw capper.

The filler and rinser are completely dismantled.

All the gears on the filler are brand new. The main bearing is also renewed.

The filling valves are completely renewed into a new generation of neckholding filling valves. The product inlet pipe is renewed. All gears are renewed.

The Alcoa screw capper is also completely dismantled and modified with a pick-in-place system to handle 28mm plastic screw caps.

The AVE rinser is also completely dismantled and rebuilt from scratch.

The filler’s filling valves are neck holder filling valves, so the filler no longer has lifting cylinders. The complete bottle conveyor during rinsing, filling, and capping is neck-held.

A new ozone generator is included.

The tribloc is as good as new after overhaul. CIP dummies and pressure regulating valves are also included.

5- Mixer Falterbaum Typ: Famix 20.000

incl. vacuum pump completely mounted on stainless steel frame completely overhauled, ready for operation

6- labeling machine KHS Type: Innoket 1262

for labeling pre-cutting, OPP label including hot glue station

completely overhauled and set up for one bottle size

7-Foil wrap machine and shrink tunnel (New machine)

Atlanta type: Ecofard incl. shrink tunnel

Output: 35 packs/min.

8-Bottle conveyor system