Used Complete KRONES PET Filling Line with Capacity 18,000 b/h(Sold)

  • خط تولید کامل کرونس-18000
  • خط تولید کامل کرونس-18000

Used Complete KRONES PET Bottling Line with capacity 18,000 B/H based on 1000ml

Reference No.: 2505


-Used Complete KRONES PET Filling Line-18000 b/h

-For Non-Returnable PET Bottles Still and Carbonated Water and Soft Drinks

-Working hours:

Status: SOLD

The proposal includes:

The Line is a used PET Water bottling line from the Krones.

Manufacturer: KRONES

Capacity: 18.000 B/HR reference to 1,0 l PET bottle

YOM: 2007

Cap: Screw cap PCO 28-1810 and sports cap

Bottle: 0,3 l, 0,5 l, 0,75 l, 1,0 l, 1,5 l

Filling product: Still and carbonated water and soft drinks

Filling temperature 15°C, CO2-content 8,0 g/l, cold aseptic (PES)

Pack: 2×2 and 3×2 shrink pack (foil only) on euro, euro half and euro quarter pallet

Control unit: Siemens S7-300

1-Blow moulding machine KRONES, Contiform II S12

Heat modul HZM07 with 11 heat cases, rotary machine with 12

Blowing stations, blowing system RELAX (mould tempering), Air Wizard III (air recycling), Air demand 1.152 Nm³/h

Inclusive: tipper, container, high feeding, roller sorter Tanner, cooling unit KKT (KLC63T) and tempering unit Teco (wi150)

2- Blocked with buffer system KRONES, Acculink 180°

Dynamical bottle buffer on 4 floors, buffer time 1,6 min., Variable buffer length via vertical travelling carriage

3-Blocked with steriliser KRONES, Variodes L 1.440-40-113

Bottle steriliser with inner and outer treatment, 2 media channels for disinfectant 20°C and pure steam 135°C (peracetic acid)

4- Blocked with rinser KRONES, Variojet 2.160-60-113

Electronic controlled 2 channel rinser with 60 pieces Nozzles, rinsing media sterile water and sterile air, roof table, CIP cleaning with 110°C possible

5- Blocked with filler KRONES, Volumetic VODM-PET 2.880-80-113

Left-right, 80 filling valves, pitch 113 mm, Neck handling, rooftable execution, aseptic package, stainless steel AISI 316, CIP-cleaning With 110°C, max. bottles size dia=60-95 mm and height=185-360mm, nitrogen injection,

1 screw capper with 20 heads, pick & place system, 2 cap sorting units (flat and sportscap) Hygiene center for cap disinfection via immersion bath (H2O2) on platform,

Glass doors, cleaning room thru isolator aseptic ventilation technology (FFU)

-Inclusive: cap feeding unit with octabin and inclined conveyor Make Gassner, Sterile water treatment Aquasept, Ink-jet coding Bluhm (Linx 7900)

6- Filling height control KRONES, Checkmat FM-IR

Cap color with camera, underfilling via infra red, height adjustable

Filling and cap assignment, softslider for linear rejection of incorrect bottles

7-Labelling machine 1 KRONES, Prontomodul 720-12

Right-left, 12 bottle plates on table with turning controlled Motor, pitch 188,5 mm, double infeed worm, straight arrangement,

Full safety with lift doors, 1 labelling station for wraparound labels in foil

8-Labelling machine 2 KRONES, Sleevematic

-2 label applicators, full-body sleeve, Film reel with manual folding, streight execution with shrinking tunnel

9-Drying units Gesete and ACI, Airknife

10- Coding Videojet, Laser 3320

installed on bottle conveyor, with full-housing

11- Bottle conveyor 

Plastic chain, conveyor inner cleaning, central lubrication, cable in open basket cable tray

12- Packing machine KRONES, Variopac FS-45

6 lanes bottle infeed, cutting module for printed foil, High and low film folding curved guide, 2 lanes for six packs, shrinking tunnel with metal grid Band and cooling unit

13- Pack labelling Logopak

Double lane EAN coder for sticker on top of packs

14- Handle applicator Twinpack

 Double lane, laminated stripe and separate stripe magazine

15- Pack conveyor

Flush-grid belt and roller belt, double lane with middle and side roller guides

16- Palletizer KRONES, Robot 3A

Column  height  7.145  mm,  double  lane  top  infeed  synchronized,  Row pusher,  grouping  station  with  2 flush  chain, head  with  splitted  roller  jalousie,  Layer  pad inserter with magazine

17- Pallet conveyor

4 chain conveyor with 2“ chain for quarter, half, and euro pallet 15 m/min. conveyor speed, inclusive empty pallet magazine

18- Foil shroud applicator Lachenmeier, MultiFlex

Pallet profile control, 2 foil role units, automatic hydraulic pre Stretching  unit,  loading  safety  via  return  shrinking,  chain  conveyor  with  width  chain  for Quarter, half and europallet, 150 pallets/h, pallet short side leading, max. loading height 1.600 mm

19- Full-pallet labelling Logopak, 920 PF

Self-adhesive sticker from the reel, Interface to external logistics

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